Thursday, April 30, 2009

Something to think about

It’s been a while since we posted. Well, here’s a question that should make up for the wait.

It’s one we haven’t explored or have even seen brought up during the debate.

Jacksonville State officials just went before an NCAA academic committee to make its case for waivers against potential penalties against the football program for missing the APR benchmark for the third year in a row. The most visible of the penalties would be a ban on post-season play for the 2009 season, which, as the dominoes fell, could impact the Gamecocks’ guarantee games.

An decision is expected within the next three weeks.

All indications are the football program has been making what appears to be a good-faith effort to improving its academics. But the question for your consideration today is if the Gamecocks’ are denied the waiver and banned from post-season play in 2009, would you go watch them play and is the season really worth it? After all, the biggest thing the Football Championship Subdivision, Division II and Division III have going for them is they get to play for their football championships on the field.

Now, if you can’t play for the championship, is the season really worth playing?

Your responses are more than welcome here.