Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Good day to play

Count Jax State coach Jack Crowe as a big fan of the Thursday night game.
The Gamecocks play their next two games on the midweek night. The reason they’re playing Thursday this week is to avoid the conflicts and logistical problems created by Talladega race week, but it wouldn’t bother Crowe at all if the OVC considered going that way as the norm.
He’s already said he’d rather play on a Thursday than go on the road during race week.
“I don’t think there’s a bad in this,” Crowe said. “The bad was the short preparation.
“I think there’s a reason to talk about playing in our league on Thursdays. I think it runs into some issues when you’re trying to play up and putting that in the schedule. Tennessee Tech has done it and I think it’s probably worked pretty well for them.
“I’d like for somebody to give some consideration to what the value is. I could see the argument being for the value of being a Thursday night league. Some people would probably take exception to it --- there’s a down to everything --- but we play good on Thursday night. We’ve not ever made an issue out of it. We’re not going to make an issue with this short preparation week. It’s football, play.”
Would it work in the OVC? Would it work in Alabama, where the two SEC schools dominate the conversation and TV viewing habits? Drop a line with your thoughts?

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