Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Women's hoops doings

Jacksonville State women’s basketball coach Becky Geyer has found her three assistants to replace the ones that left earlier this spring, but apparently it will be a while before the school makes a release on their identities.

They're not yet working, and still have some process to complete before becoming "official.".

Speaking of women’s basketball, did you see where former JSU assistant Marcus Reilly recently got the Rhode Island women’s head coaching job.

And also on the former Gamecocks front, ex-women’s coach Dave Dagostino (West Virginia assistant) will take a team that includes former players Ashley Boykin (UAH), Tonya McKinney (UAH) and Christina Gordon (Brown) on a goodwill tour of the Caribbean. Former JSU player Cobie Carlisle will serve as his assistant.

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