Monday, October 20, 2008

Making it work

The Gamecocks may have had only two days to prepare for their big game at Tennessee-Martin Thursday night, but they were determined to get in as much work as possible.

The Skyhawks have had a full week to prepare, having played their last game last Thursday night. The Gamecocks are coming off a 31-21 win over Murray State Saturday.

Normally, JSU would have plenty of time to recover and game plan. Not this week, thanks to ESPNU.

But that's not stopping the Gamecocks from trying get a full week of practice in.

They practiced Sunday night. They practiced Monday night. They're going to practice Tuesday, then leave for Martin in the evening.

They'll stop in Nashville overnight, then practice Wednesday -- in an undisclosed location with an artificial turf surface -- before continuing on to Martin.

"We're going to get our fourth practice in," JSU coach Jack Crowe promised. "We're going to have four practices."

As important as the game is to both teams, every bit helps.

Even if it comes at an accelerated rate.

"It's just a lot faster, everything, instead of being spread out," tackle Curt Porter said. "This week, it's really fast. Everything's back to back to back.

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