Monday, November 17, 2008

MBB: Post help on the way?

The Gamecocks could have freshman Brylle Kamen available as early as their game Saturday at Georgia State.
While officially the 6-7 freshman remains out and JSU officials are hopeful of hearing something official from the NCAA by the end of the week, sources said Kaman has at least satisfied his two-game suspension for two games he played in France before signing on with the Gamecocks.
So, he lost two NCAA games and a bunch of practice time, according to sources, for what amounted to 45 measly seconds of two games overseas in which he didn’t even touch the ball.
JSU coach James Green was unaware of any change in Kamen’s status.
“When we get him Saturday?” he asked quizzically. “I can’t expect anything until I know that he’s going to be (there) and I don’t know that we’ll know an answer to that.”
Whenever the Gamecocks get Kamen back, they know exactly what he’ll add to the team. He’ll give the Gamecocks valuable depth and versatility in the post.
“When you look at (Amadou Mbodji’s) minutes in the last game (32 vs. South Carolina),” Green said, “we want him to be able to play those minutes, but we probably could have used another five minutes of rest.
“Right now, he probably can be very effective playing 28 minutes, so we need some other guys to step up and share some of those minutes, and (Kamen) would be a possibility.”

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