Monday, February 9, 2009

Hard Corps 2, Opponents 0

Meant to get this to you the other day, but got caught up in a couple things (mainly the nice golf weather Sunday).

The Hard Corps pep band got another one Saturday. And this time, the victim seemed to rather enjoy the treatment.

Eastern Kentucky's Colette Cole has been wearing a face guard since taking a pop in the nose against Tennessee State on Jan. 3. Saturday, she went to the foul line in the second half against the Gamecocks and the pep band didn't waste any time breaking into humming the theme from "Phantom of the Opera."

Cole caught on pretty quickly as she couldn't help chuckle as she set up for the shots.

Earlier this year, the band noticed SE Missouri player Lesley Adams had her shorts on backwards for the first half of that game and let her know it every time she came down the floor. The shorts were adjusted at halftime.

I'll say this: The pep band does have some annoying cheers, like their blood cheer ("... Hemoglobin. Hemoglobin. We want blood") and the run ups to when JSU players go to the line, but when they hit the mark, they are usually pretty good.


Smucker D said...

Hey al,

I know the JSU foootball schedule only has 4 home games, was that the max amount JSU could have with construction..did they try to get at least one more or were they satisfied with just the 4?

al muskewitz said...

From a revenue (and competitive) standpoint, you'd like to have as many home games as you can get, but sometimes it just doesn't work out. From what I understand there was a team, I think it was Central Arkansas, that was interested in a home-and-home, but it didn't work out for a reason that escapes me right now. It might have been that UCA wanted to start it at their place, but I just don't remember. A lot of teams are looking for home games, so that goes into the negotiation process. I would suspect if JSU and Nicholls put together a multi-game deal in the future, that first one will start here. And once the Nicholls deal got done and they had a chance to get FSU for big bucks, I doubt they were going to seek another home game.