Saturday, March 7, 2009

Trouble in paradise?

Here’s a story Jacksonville State officials don’t want you to know about, but one that has been a buzz about campus for a while.
High-profile quarterback Ryan Perrilloux faced a university student disciplinary hearing on Thursday following the report of several incidents earlier this year that university and multiple police sources have said involved him.
Since no formal charges have been brought, the hearing addressed code of conduct issues. And because there were no charges, athletic department sources did not believe there were any grounds from the legal system to remove the player from the football program.
The Gamecocks opened spring practice Friday and Perrilloux participated. The team is pinning its hopes for an OVC championship and beyond on him.
The hearing was closed and since its findings involve student records, the results are confidential. According to JSU policies, a written decision from the hearing is rendered within 10 days. Perrilloux would have the ability to appeal any decision should any unfavorable ruling be rendered.
Cedric Johnson, the troubled but talented quarterback Perrilloux replaced, was once suspended from student housing for issues that occurred early in his short term at JSU. Johnson was a midyear JUCO transfer and lasted one season before being dismissed shortly before the start of spring practice last year for violations of university policy.
Perrilloux came to JSU last spring after being dismissed from the LSU program following a series of off-field incidents.
Gamecocks officials have tried to shield the quarterback from trouble ever since he arrived, constantly surrounding him with coaches, players or other trusted personnel. Perrilloux told the Star once he understood the concern for supervision.
Perrilloux submitted his name to the NFL to gauge his viability in this year’s draft, but returned to school for his senior season after being told by NFL officials he was draftable but not until after the third round.

ITEM: You know, we never did learn this season whether Brylle Kamen, a freshman forward from France, was ever declared eligible by the NCAA.
Kamen and the Gamecocks were waiting all year to learn if, as JSU officials explained all season, his international course work met NCAA academic guidelines. JSU officials said repeatedly during the year the issue was tied up with the NCAA and Gamecocks coach James Green has said he wasn’t going to spend time worrying about an issue he had no control over.
It never has been confirmed if Kamen never got eligible, if the Gamecocks have to endure the process again in the coming season or Kamen was ruled eligible and the ruling came at such a late date in the season team officials decided to simply go ahead and redshirt him.
Asked about the situation following the last game of the season, Green called it a “compliance issue.”

ITEM: Similarly, it remains uncertain if early signee Trenton Marshall’s misfortunes at Jones County JC will affect his status on coming to JSU.
Marshall, one of the nation’s top JUCO scorers this season, was kicked off the JCJC team just before the Mississippi JUCO state championship game for a violation of team rules or policies (it was described both ways in media reports).
At JSU, a violation of policy is generally more serious than a violation of rules. It typically, but not exclusively, involves such issues as an arrest or failing a drug test.
Media sources in Mississippi said they hadn’t found any local police reports with Marshall’s name in them and JCJC coach Don Skelton has said the violation wasn’t as serious as people are making it out to be.

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Smucker D said...

I thought I remember Jack Crowe stating that Ryan's P. problem at LSU was mostly "environmental". Doesn't that mean a change in environment should have changed his ways?

I would hate to see his senior season all be for nothing if JSU gets in trouble.