Friday, December 18, 2009

All-Decade Basketball Team

As promised, here's one man's take on JSU's All-Decade Basketball Team. With fewer spots than the football team and so many players to consider, this one could create the most debate of any, but the criteria is pretty much the same as the football -- stats, impact and postseason recognition. That's partly the reason I picked 10 guys, to take some of the pressure off a starting five.

Omar Barlett
DeAndre Bray
Courtney Bradley
Will Ginn
Brant Harriman
Jay Heard
Mike McDaniel
Poonie Richardson
Walker D. Russell
Scott Watson

As they say on TV, "Your thoughts?"


cockadoodledoo said...

Al - not much to argue about. That is a list of good players, but its been a long time since we have been relevant as a team. Do you think Coach Green has it turned around. I loved the quote from him about discipline in the article today.

al muskewitz said...

It's getting there -- and has gotten better in the last couple weeks -- but he'll be the first one to tell you they still have work to do. He's about discipline, now. At practice the other day he had a couple players doing some extra running for a "non-malicious" violation of his team rules.

SRDBB said...

I think you nailed that list Al, good job! WHUP Nicholls & Ole Miss!