Thursday, December 17, 2009

All-Decade Football Team

Around the office they've been toying with an idea for an on-line reader poll to determine the Player of the Decade for the three universities and all the high schools The Star covers, and it got me thinking:

I've been around here covering Jacksonville State for at least that long, let's do an All-Decade Team.

Here's the one for football (basketball will come tomorrow). A couple of spots could be open for debate -- these kinds of things often are -- but this is one man's idea based on stats, impact and postseason awards.

Let me know how this stacks up with your team. If this doesn't get some replies, nobody's watching.

JSU All-Decade Football (2000-2009)

QB - Ryan Perrilloux
RB -- Rondy Rogers, Clay Green
WR -- Maurice Dupree, Taurean Rhetta
TE -- Keller Speaks
OL -- Jeremy Sullivan, Deon White, John Pettus, Rod Olds, Keith Gergel

DL -- Brandt Thomas, Mark Tibbs, Greg Green
LB -- Alexander Henderson, Lemarcus Rowell, Jonathan Crutcher, Devin Phillips
CB -- T.J. Heath, Delvin Hughley
S -- Josh Cain, Carnell Clark

P - Richie Rhodes
K - Gavin Hallford
RS - Craig Agee

I ran it past Gamecocks coach Jack Crowe, who's been here the whole decade, and he said he could do something with that kind of lineup.

"That's a salty bunch of football players, that's what that is," he said. "You wouldn't have to practice four days a week with that crowd.

"One thing in common with those guys is they all loved the game. They'd play in the street at midnight."


JSU Gamecock Sports said...

Awesome post. Have not looked at the stats, but how about the RB Chapman, Center- Reggie Wade and WR James Wilkerson.

al muskewitz said...

As I said, these things open themselves up to debate; that's what these forums are all about.

All three you list are strong candidates and all would make the All-Decade travel squad no doubt (but how would you get them all playing time?)

Here's some rationale -- and it's not meant to diss any of them.

The offensive line listed had a couple centers and they were All-Americans. Chapman did have a wonderful senior year and even got to the NFL, but Rogers was a four-year guy and Payton Award candidate and Clay Green had back to back 1,000-yard seasons. Wilkerson is strong, too, but of the two who were picked Dupree reaped the benefits of Ryan Perrilloux's arrival and Rhetta was a versatile guy who also brought value as a kick-blocking machine.

cockadoodledoo said...

I like your selection of Cain. He's a player. But, kind of amazing he didn't start till his senior year.

Any word on any transfers for next year. I hear Torrey Davis is gone. Thanks for your great coverage of the Gamecocks.

al muskewitz said...

I'd been told by sources that Torrey is going to try to enter the NFL Draft. (I've also been told Perrilloux has been invited to the Combine, but the people at the Combine told me Thursday the invitations haven't been sent yet and usually don't go until the last week in December). I can see Torrey foregoing his senior year; he has reponsibilities to handle and is committed to them.

franco said...

I can see Torrey foregoing his senior year; he has reponsibilities to handle and is committed to them.

T-DUB said...

I like the list, but some areas are suspect to me. I liked Craig Agee as a receiver. He was a beast at receiver versus him playing cornerback. The QB and OL, TE and defense I agree with totally. The running back position has some strong and deserving candidates left off. I would have to go with: (no specific order) : Kory Chapman, Rodney Rodgers, and Oscar Bonds. 1) Kory was versatile and shifty and got the job done. 2) Rodney wasn't blazing fast, but was a human bowling ball and knocked and ranned over opponents. Rodgers was a hard-nosed runner and hard to bring down. 3) Oscar was blazing fast. He was by far the fastest running back
JSU had over the past decade. He was a change of pace back. Oscar just needed a bit a little crack or seam and he was off to the races. Oscar I would say his running style was like C.J spiller( former Clemson Tigre running back) meaning he was fun to watch and he could break a long one at any given time when the ball was in his hand.