Tuesday, February 2, 2010

No Combine for Perrilloux

As much as JSU administrators and coaches have said quarterback Ryan Perrilloux is going to the NFL Combine, the list of official invitees is out and Perrilloux is not on it.

It's shocking to some experts, including this poster on the internet:

"What a difference half a decade makes, 5 years ago Ryan Perrilloux out-dueled Mark Sanchez to secure his place as the #1 QB prospect entering college and by most major services the #1 prospect overall. After a red-shirt year and a spate of incidents ranging from the silly to the serious interrupted only by a few moments of brilliant play, Ryan Perrilloux in the Spring of 2008 left the orbit near the center of the football universe for a more remote and spartan outpost at Jacksonville State.

"Coach Jack Crowe is in many senses a 'central casting' football coach, a powerful presence with a Southern drawl and a (zero) tolerance for nonsense. I have had multiple conversations with Coach Jack Crowe and one brief one recently with Ryan Perrilloux as he prepared for Texas Versus the Nation. What is clear is that his talent is still there, his passion and commitment for football have greatly increased and he is now a much, much more mature young man, very different from the spoiled kid who did so many things wrong before.

"In a year where there are so few "plus arms" with Clausen, Pike, Jarrett Brown and Fordham's John Skelton being among the few who can drive the ball with authority on deeper routes the fact the perhaps the best arm in the NCAA will not be in Indianapolis is an absence that may prove conspicuous like an elephant in the room, who can throw a ball 70+ yards. "


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Kelly said...

There is still hope that he will be invited once the Texas vs the nation game on Saturday, from what I understand.

Perrilloux is by far, better than quite a few guys going to the combine. He was left off & I think it's absolutely ignorant.

al muskewitz said...

There are plenty of guys on pro rosters who didn't go to the Combine. Just wait to see how many scouts show up for JSU's pro day later this spring.