Thursday, February 11, 2010

Softball's new look

When the JSU softball team opens the season Saturday in Kennesaw State's K-Club Classic, the Gamecocks will have their eye on a bigger prize and they'll have a new look.

After the Gamecocks made the progression from regional participant to regional champion the last two years, the next logical step is super-regional winner and participant in the Women's College World Series.

"We definitely have the heart for it this year," first baseman Nikki Prier said.

They'll also have some new uniforms. It's basically the same color scheme, but there's a big gamecock stitched onto the back above the numbers.

"That's what they're proud of," JSU coach Jana McGinnis said. "That's what they want. A lot of teams go with their mascot now below their neck."

The new unis make their home debut Feb. 18 against SIU-Edwardsville. It's the Gamecocks' only home game until March 20.

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