Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Slim pickin's on hoops news

There is a presumption that Jacksonville State will play basketball this season.

You wouldn't know it by the lack of information coming out of the program.

School has been in session a couple weeks now, drop/add has long passed, and there is still no word on a roster, schedule or official hiring of assistant coach Tom Schuberth despite an August report from his old school that he left there “after accepting a position as an assistant coach at Jacksonville State University.”

The OVC office still doesn't have any information on the Gamecocks. But, then, as one school publicist said, "It's football season."

Like it's the only one that matters at a school that has 16 sports.

We do know 2009-10 OVC scoring champion Trenton Marshall and guard John Barnes are gone. I do know they have players and coaches, because I saw Jeremy Bynum and Nick Murphy in the dining hall two weeks ago and I saw coaches James Green, Mike Smith and Scotty Fletcher celebrating on the field at Ole Miss.

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