Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is anybody there?

Sometimes when I look at the empty response box on the blog, I can’t help feeling like the John Adams character played by William Daniels in the musical “1776.” If you know the show, you know the scene, where Adams/Daniels looks out to the world as he contemplates the question of independence and wonders “Is anybody there? Does anybody care?”

In an effort to spark some conversation, here are a few questions to ponder for the new year:

Does anybody care if Ryan Perrilloux comes back for his senior season or comes out for the NFL Draft?

Does anybody care if the Gamecocks fill their future football schedules with teams that would bring some appeal to the playoff selection committee?

Does anybody care if the JSU basketball team gets the services of Brylle Kamen this year? The 6-7 freshman still supposedly waiting a decision from the NCAA over his status as an international player?

Does anybody care?

Is anybody there?


Cadbury said...

Hey Al, I've read your blog for quite sometime, but I've never really gotten a chance to comment on anything.

I think it would only make sense for Ryan to come back for his senior year. I think going to another school just to have your name cleared for a year would make you much less attractive than if you stayed and helped the team more.

I would love to see a much stronger schedule for next year, but hearing the possibility of Alabama A&M again next year dampens my hopes slightly. I have nothing against the team by any means (I grew up in the SWAC environment) but their not really serving us much justice, correct me if I'm wrong though.

I don't know enough about Brylle Kamen to comment too much. I know that I love the presence Coach Green brings to the Pete though!

Michael Amberson said...

Al...I enjoy this blog. Info about JSU athletics is not easy to come by. I have a feeling many others read as well, but choose not to comment. Anyway...

Of course it would be great to see Perriloux back. I get the feeling he would have a huge year next year (if the O-line could keep him upright). I hope for the team's sake, and for his sake, he chooses to stay.

JSU needs to strengthen the schedule. Preferably,they will get someone from the SoCon. That way, it would be less expensive to travel for both teams (assuming they would sign a home-and-home); and it would be an easier travel for the JSU fans, which have proven they will travel if the location is nearby.

As for Brylle, the NCAA needs to get this cleared up. I can't understand why they haven't made a decision. If this was UK or Duke, it would have been decided much sooner. From what I understand, he should be cleared. Anyway, anything that can help the team down low is big. I am not that big on Amadou.

Thanks Al.