Thursday, December 18, 2008

Perrilloux's future for JSU

If you want another indication JSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux is coming back for his senior year, those inside the program said when the player went home at the end of exams last week he left his stuff here in Jacksonville.

He has to at least come back to get it, right?

While some players have said Perrilloux will come out for the NFL Draft this June -- he was expected to ask the NFL Advisory Board for an evaluation of his draft prospects -- JSU coach Jack Crowe "fully expects" the quarterback to return.

If he does return, don't expect any loosening of the reins during this off season. Once Perrilloux got here amid reports of a troubled LSU past, he was continually shadowed by coaches, administrators or teammates, which created some underlying resentment. "Babysit" was the word heard more than once.

Crowe said his quarterback met all of the non-football requirements put before him "that had any major consequences." But there still were what he called "inconsistencies of a minor nature" that if stacked up over time could become major.

(For his part, Perrilloux said during the season he didn't mind the structure.)

"He was micromanaged, that made the inconsistencies tougher," Crowe said. "He needs to become a better leader for this team from just his day-to-day influence, because his influence was basically an on-the-field influence. He's got to become more of a day to day positive influence.

"He's a leader in his nature, but he's got to take on the total responsibility of being a leader. It's no different than than (defensive end) Duane Tolbert. This time last year I had the same questions about Duane Tolbert. I brought him in and had a very serious discussion with him ... and with (running back) Daniel Jackson.

"I'm not going to have any different conversation with Ryan Perrilloux. Now, where did those two guys go? They went to another level. (Perrilloux) has got to accept the responsibility of being a senior and all the things that go along with it or he's going to be a distraction to this football team."

Perrilloux said the night the Gamecocks were snubbed by the NCAA selection committee the team had a new focus. They won eight games, but were denied a spot in the playoffs by Maine, one of five CAA teams that made the playoffs.

"We have a new goal to look forward to," he said. "We were 6-5 the last three years and we went 8-3 this year, so we have a new goal. We feel like if we don't get eight or more wins, we weren't productive. We'll come out and work hard on the things we didn't do well this season and continue to get better."

And that goes for him as well.

"Of course I'm upset we didn't win a championship and didn't make it to the playoffs, but I felt like I went out there and played my hardest week in and week out and I think the team did the same thing," he said. "That's all you can ask for a player or person to do -- their best.

"I definitely tried as hard as I could. Jacksonville State is a good program and hopefully next year we'll come out better than we did this year."

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