Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New podcast up, with a request

The latest edition of The Star's JSU Sports Podcast is up, and there's a special request for your opinion in this week's edition. More on that in a minute.

This week Al and I talk about how the JSU men's basketball team turned a six-game win streak into a two-game losing streak, and how they hope to turn that around in tonight's visit from Berry College before diving into the meat of the conference schedule against Eastern Illinois on Saturday. Also, we talk about the women's team finally scoring its first two wins this season against Division I teams before falling prey to N.C. State in a big way.

Then we get into the still-developing football schedule for 2009, and that's where your opinion comes in. JSU officials have said they want to beef up the schedule to better impress the playoff selection committee in case they wind up in a situation at season's end like they did this year. Plus, the UTC series has been delayed at least year. That leaves Jax State with two games left to play. Who would you like to see visit Paul Snow Stadium, or where do you think the Gamecocks should go? Should they line up against the Championship Subdivison's elite (A la Appalachian State), or look for middle-of-the-pack teams more like themselves (think Coastal Carolina or Nichols State)? Or, should they play for the pocketbook, and schedule another Georgia Tech-style game against one of the upper-tier Bowl Subdivision squads?

Let us know by posting a comment here, or e-mailing me at bcunningham@annistonstar.com. Be sure to tell us what specific teams you'd like to see them play, and why. And don't forget, there are two openings on the schedule. We'll discuss your picks on the podcast when we get enough suggestions to work with.

In the meantime, click the player below to hear this week's episode.

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