Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Excellent comments all

It’s nice to know there are people out there, and the responses have been excellent.

Let me comment on your comments.

First, on the schedule. The JSU officials I’ve talked to are adamant that the Gamecocks will not play nine games this year.

“We’re going to have 11 games,” one told me. "We've got enough choices at hand."

I’ve heard Maine bandied about. You’re right, it would make an intriguing matchup if only for whatever feel-good factor there might be from the JSU fan perspective if the Gamecocks were to win.

(But remember, it will be one year late, and how many of the impact players from either team in that selection show drama will be back. It’s kind of like last year’s proposed volleyball trip overseas to reward the players for the previous NCAA Tournament season; those who most made it possible wouldn’t be playing).

Still, like the Furman games, Maine would create interest.

I think McNeese State is a potential target. That’s the team the JSU coaching staff always used as the bar when the Gamecocks were in the Southland. And Georgia Southern is itching to play the Gamecocks again.

If it’s the Southern Conference, you crave, Wofford would be a quality fit and don’t forget JSU athletic director Oval Jaynes has Appalachian State ties and JSU coach Jack Crowe is close with Appy coach Jerry Moore.

Feasability is the big factor here. Those teams you're talking about have to have an opening, and in the correct spot so not to derail any conference title hopes. And then the game has to fit in the JSU scheduling philosophy; that is attracting somebody to play at home this year to impact the home-road balance. And if it is on the road, you don’t want to spend a fortune to play it.

And, above all, remember, it’s all well and good to play these kinds of games, but it does no good unless you win them.

As far as Perrilloux’s future, barring any undisclosed complications, I would suspect he’ll come back. I also suspect the NFL report will tell him he hasn't played enough to project in this year’s draft. True, he has ability not seen in these parts, but he’s really only played one year as a college starter.

Keep those (insightful) comments coming. Just keep all others.

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