Sunday, December 14, 2008

Keeping track

No one really believes Jax State could beat Kansas, but that's what comparing scores would lead you to believe after UMass knocked off the Jayhawks Saturday.

Under that line of thinking, JSU beats UMass, UMass beats Kansas, so JSU beats Kansas. Keep dreaming. There's a reason coaches don't compare scores when talking about common opponents.

But it did help the Gamecocks in their RPI. After of noon Sunday, the Gamecocks had elevated to No. 42 in and, in games through Sunday, No. 66 in

UAB, Wednesday's opponent, is No. 31 and No. 30 in the two polls, respectively. Iowa State, their Saturday foe, is 177 and 150.

Kansas, by the way, was No. 147 in and No. 86 in rpiratings on Sunday. Still, they're 25 and 23 in the AP and coaches polls, respectively.

If the Gamecocks beat UAB and Iowa State on the road this week, do you expect they'll start getting votes in the big boys' polls?


Michael Amberson said...

It depends on who is voting in the polls around here. My feeling is that if JSU goes on the road and beats UAB (who beat Arizona, who beat #4 Gonzaga) and ISU, then they deserve some votes. However, I can't see anyone nationally giving the Gamecocks any votes. I would guess that only voters around this area, or that cover OVC teams regularly would give the Gamecocks a vote. Do you have a vote Al?

al muskewitz said...

I used to have an AP poll vote many years ago, but not since I started working in Alabama. Many papers I know don't let their writers vote in the polls anymore after the football fiasco of a couple years ago. Besides I'd have to be really really impressed with the way they've started if I gave them a vote. I remember -- again many many years ago -- I covered some games in an 8-0 Drexel start that they thought might be worthy of some votes and they never got any love.