Thursday, January 8, 2009

New arrivals

Spring semester classes at JSU started Thursday and athletic department officials confirmed junior college running back Jamal Young as the Gamecocks’ only mid-year transfer.

Former Auburn punter Patrick Tatum was not mentioned, but Tatum told The Star last month he was joining the Gamecocks and family members said Thursday they helped “move him over there” Wednesday.

Young, one of the top 20 JUCO rushers this past season, is expected to help the Gamecocks as a return specialist in the fall. The Gamecocks are said to like Tatum as a punter and kickoff man.

Tatum was going to JSU until Auburn made him an offer right before camp opened in 2007. He wound up punting that year, averaging 43.4 yards for 16 punts, but didn’t kick this season.

“When the Auburn thing came up, I just took it and ran with it,” Tatum told The Star last month. “I helped (Auburn) out. Now I think it's time to help (JSU) out."

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