Friday, January 30, 2009

Who you gonna call? Bracket Busters

The Bracket Buster selections will be made next week. Who would you like to see JSU paired with? Remember, there's a return home game next season (unless it gets pushed to some future date like Chattanooga has been).

Remember, too, who you want and who the Gamecocks are likely to get might not jive with the current economic climate of the nation. Chattanooga and Georgia State seemed natural fits, given the travel constraints, but New Orleans seemed a stretch.

You'd figure Davidson will get one of the ESPN TV games (and JSU wouldn't), so that matchup would appear out. But you could pick them if you want.

The 13 BracketBusters TV matchups will be announced Feb. 2, with the remaining games to follow shortly thereafter. The game time and network assignments for the TV games will be announced Feb. 9.

Here seems to be some more reasonable choices for JSU (with their current win total in parenthesis)

Bowling Green (10)
Georgia Southern (7) - my choice
UNC Wilmington (5)
Winthrop (6) - my second choice
James Madison (13)
Old Dominion (12)
Wm & Mary (6)

Respond right here.

Here's something to think about. If you're not one of the TV games, is the Bracket Buster really worth it? Those are opinions I'd really like to hear.


swsop99 said...

Except for the experience of playing teams that you have never seen (and otherwise might not ever see), it really isn't worth it to play Bracketbusters. If you get the television exposure, it can help your institution in many ways... including the pocketbook. In the case of our Gamecocks, I think the experience has helped them develop their own style - by seeing lots of others. And, Coach Green coming to put it altogether is just the tip of the iceberg. I think wins against powerhouses UMass and VMI will start happening more often...

al muskewitz said...

I don't know that it helps your pocketbook, swsop99. ESPN doesn't give you anything to play the games except for the opportunity to play a return game the next year (just to be equitable). Most likely, it'll cost you money. I remember when Samford got sent to Ohio one year. They were on one of the "TV games" -- on ESPN360, which I can't tell you how many people don't get, then they had to get there, flying into Ohio, then busing like three hours to the game site. All the while in the middle of trying to secure a beneficial seed in the OVC Tournament.