Friday, January 16, 2009

New duds not a dud

Did you see the picture of Nick Murphy on the sports front of Friday’s paper? It gave you a good look of the Gamecocks’ new uniforms.

Coach James Green and point guard DeAndre Bray both like them. What do you think?

The Gamecocks got the new duds Tuesday and broke them out in Thursday night’s loss to Murray State.

They’re the third incarnation of unis in Bray’s career. The most significant style changes appear to be the black piping around the arm holes, the elimination of the solid red stripe down the pant legs in favor of two thin red ones leading to some black banding on the legs -- and no names on the back. The OVC logo now appears on the hip instead of the bottom of the pant leg, where there now appears a team logo.

“It was a little different,” Green said. “I like them.”

“I like it, (but) I miss my name on the back of it,” Bray said.

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