Monday, January 5, 2009

Sharp eyes

There isn’t much that gets past the band.

When SEMO center Lesley Adams entered Monday night’s game, it didn’t take long for the Hard Corps pep band to notice the 6-foot-2 junior had her shorts on backwards. (You could tell because the trademark was on the rear and the OVC logo was on the right leg – unless everybody else’s was on backwards and hers was not).

And they let her know it … several times. And between their loudness and the emptiness of Pete Mathews Coliseum, you could’ve probably heard it all the way to the parking lot.

Adams’ shorts may have been reversed, but she faced the basket the right way enough times in the half to pull down five rebounds as SEMO opened a 42-24 lead on the way to what was looking like its 15th straight OVC road win.

She had them the right way in the second half. Adams entered the second half with 14:01 to play and some members of the band noticed the change immediately, but most didn't catch on until a minute in.

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